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Looking for Staffing assistance

Looking For Staffing Assistance?

Learn how BHA Recruiting provides both temporary and direct hire staffing for all areas in your organization, from medical staff to IT to maintenance and food services.

Behavioral Health Recruitment Solutions extra

Looking For Additional Assignments?

From job listings to courses to community, BHA Recruiting supports staff personnel looking for both temporary and direct hire assignments and advancing their training for better career options.

At BHA Recruiting, we are here to disrupt and transform staffing for the behavioral health industry. Clients are in need of more than just medical staffing, and our pool of potential job applicants can fill those staffing needs. Our ambassadors are offered additional education to make them an ideal candidate for those assignments. And our community fosters support and education for all members.

Companies Helped With Staffing
155 K+
Job Candidates Placed
115 K+
Courses Offered
5 K+
Community Members
400 +

What We Do

Behavioral Health Recruitment Solutions

At BHA Recruiting, we serve as the conduit for our community of ambassadors and employers, bridging the employment gap between the two. This allows both to serve the behavioral health industry with integrity and respect for patients and each other.

With our decades of experience and understanding of staffing requirements in behavioral health that go beyond medical staff, BHA Recruiting can satisfy all of your staffing needs to keep your facility running smoothly.

Ambassadors can access a variety of staffing positions, gain additional knowledge and have the support of a community created to empower its ambassador members.

Why Choose BHA Recruiting


We educate and support job candidates so they can excel.


We pride ourselves in offering educational opportunities.


Our focus on behavioral health makes us staffing experts for that industry.


Our innovation lies in going beyond typical staffing options and training.